Skyshark laser-cut warbird kits are CAD designed from original scale drawings and laser-cut from hand sorted, top grade balsa and ply. Intermediate builders who have some experience with framing and sheeting should have no trouble building a Skyshark warbird kit. Large wing areas and lightweight design make our kits some of the best flying scale warbirds available.

While most kits in the past were created using parts that were die-cut from the cheapest available wood, our kits were designed to be laser cut from the start. While more expensive to produce, Skyshark kits offer extensive part detail and exact parts fit that simply cannot be reproduced by any other means. We cut with only hand sorted balsa, which insures evenly balanced parts and a consistent cut without too much charring.

Most reproduced plans can vary in size and scale by as much as 15% that is the reason we print our plans directly on full color plotters. Not only are they 100% accurate but the use of color makes parts like receivers, pushrods, etc. easily identifiable.

Skyshark warbird kits were designed with weight in mind. Our laser-interlocking design allows us to use lightweight balsa in many areas where other manufacturers use ply. Option for computer designed lightning holes maximize strength while making the kits even lighter. Wood blocks or strip planking are only used when absolutely necessary. This not only saves weight, but also building time.


The Ilyushin Sturmovik IL-2 incorporates the newest building techniques to create an aircraft that is both extremely strong and lightweight. The Sturmovik is a slow flying scale warbird with scale features such as; cockpit, split flaps and retractable landing gear. It can be configured for single or dual elevator servos. An electric conversion kit is also available for those who don't like glow.

This unusual and unique plane was only a prototype at the end of WWII. The prototypes were destroyed during the war, however, the designs remained. We used the original 3-views to recreate the ME109Z into a great flying R/C kit. Includes a scale cockpit and flaps. 2 sets of retractable gear are required. Scale aluminum spinners are available.

If you are a scale enthusiast, you will love the ME109E. Nothing was sacrificed in order to recreate this beautiful model. Scale gear placement, detailed cockpit, and scale flaps are just some of the things that make this plane a great base for scale competition. A scale aluminum spinner is also available.

Like the E model, the ME109G is as scale as they come! Includes a full cockpit, plans/instructions for retractable gear and detailed flaps. An aluminum scale spinner is also available.

The TBM Avenger kit is one of our largest and most popular kits. This rarely modeled airplane includes a complete cockpit that is built right into the kit. Designed for retractable gear (main and tail), this kit also includes split flaps and wheel wells with true to scale detail. It is set up for dual elevator servos.

If you don’t want the complexity of retractable gear, the Aichi Val is a great choice. The best flying plane in our line-up because of the large wing area, the Val includes scale flaps and a full cockpit integrated in the kit. Years of research went into recreating this rare iconic airplane kit!

The FW190A8 is one of the better known Luftwaffe airplanes. Our scale recreation can be built with retractable gear, scale cockpit (included) and scale aluminum spinner (available separately). Flaps can be added by the builder to complete the scale look.

If you are looking for pattern-type flying characteristics in a scale plane, the FW190D9 is for you! This lightweight design can be built with available retractable gear and a full cockpit kit (included). An aluminum scale spinner is available separately.

The SBD Dauntless makes for a great first scale project. Optional flaps and dive brakes come pre-cut for easy installation and scale looks. Can be built with fixed gear or optional retracts. Also includes a scale instrument panel.

The F6F Hellcat is a lightweight, great flying airplane. Designed to land slowly without flaps, they can also be added by the builder. Kit plans and instructions for optional rotating retracts. Includes a scale instrument panel.

Simple design and great flying characteristics make the A-1 Skyraider an easy to build and fly first warbird kit. Available rotating retracts and a scale instrument panel (included) complete the scale look.

Offset flaps and ailerons complete the look of this distinctive airplane. The JU-87B Stuka is a great choice for the more experienced warbird flyer. It looks so realistic that fellow flyers will run in fear as you dive bomb the runway! Includes a scale instrument panel. Available aluminum scale spinner.

The smallest and most affordable kit in our lineup, the Hawker Tempest doesn’t sacrifice size for scale looks. This true-to-scale design is extremely fast; both building and in the air! Retractable gear is detailed in the plans and instruction