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Electrifly 80 amp ESC (4S-12S)

This is the ElectriFly Silver Series 80 amp Hi Volt Brushless Electronic Speed Control. Capable of handling high voltages on the input, delivering 80 amps (96A surges) of continuous current on the output, the SS-80 is designed for large high-powered electric airplanes.    
NiCd, NiMH and LiPo compatible                                      
          Handles up to 12S (50V) on input and the pulse width modulated output     
            delivers 80A continuous current (96A surge current for short      
          Safe-Start function prevents accidental propeller rotation while on 
            the ground                                                        
          Very little programming required for ease of use and no-hassle      
            flying fun, an optional Programming Card (GPMM1895) allows        
            adjustment of brake (ON or OFF), motor rotation (forward or       
            reverse), timing angle (12° or 20°), operating frequency          
            (8kHz or 16kHz), or custom setting of low battery cutoff voltage  
            (12.4 - 37.0V)                                                    
          Opto-isolated radio control (no BEC) for smooth, precise trouble-free
            Rf signals                                                        
          Fully proportional forward with on/off brake                        
          Audible set-up tones                                                
          8.5kHz switching frequency for smooth throttle response, good run   
            time and cool operation                                           
          Mounting system allows for easy mounting and good airflow for cooling
          180 Day Limited Warranty beginning at date of purchase (USA & Canada
INCLUDES: ElectriFly Silver Series 80 amp ESC with Pre-Installed Universal    
            Radio Connector, 4" (10cm) 10AWG silicone insulated battery wires,
            6" (15cm) 12AWG silicone insulated motor wires, Deans Ultra Battery
            Connector, 6mm Female Bullet Motor Connectors                      
SPECS: Input Voltage: 14-32 NiCd/MH cells, 4-12 LiPo cells (12.4-50V)      
          BEC: No BEC circuit, opto-isolated                                  
          Output Current: 80A continuous max., 96A surge max.                 
          Max. Output Power: 4000 watts                                       
          ON-Resistance: 0.002 ohms                                           
          Thermal Cutoff: 230°F (110°C)                                       
          Dimensions: 2.4 x 2.6 x 0.7 in. (60 x 67 x 18mm)                    
          Weight: 5.1oz. (145g, w/Deans Ultra plug, Rx plug, three 6mm bullets)
                  Manual Setup             Settings w/Optional Programming Card
Brake:               On or Off                   On or Off                    
Rotation Direction:  Forward Only                Forward or Reverse           
Timing Angle:        12° Only                    12° or 20°                   
Operating Frequency: 8kHz Only                   8kHz or 16kHz                
Low Voltage Cutoff:                                                           
          Starting battery voltage x 0.74        12.4 - 37.0V adjustable      

Part Number: GPMM1860
Price:   $129.99