Skyshark Hobbies

Skyshark Warbird Kits are hand-made by us at our facility in the USA. We only use top quality materials in each kit. When you purchase a Skyshark kit, you can be assured that you are purchasing a kit that flies as well as it builds and will last you for many years.


We hand select different weights and grains of balsa for different parts of your kit. This allows you to build your kit as light as possible without it being too fragile. If you have specific weight requirements for your kit such as for air racing, please let us know so we can tailor your kit accordingly.

What sets Skyshark kits apart from everyone else is their light weight and intricate laser cutting. Balsa formers at critical locations and limited use of ply insures that your Skyshark warbird will remain light, strong and fly great!

Sheeting removed on photo for clarity

All Skyshark warbird kits are fully sheeted (where applicable) with 1/16" balsa. This sheeting provides strength and gives you an excellent base for scale finishing. All necessary sheeting wood is included.

Vacuum formed canopies in your Skyshark kit are made from .030 PETG so they retain clarity and strength. Other parts such as wing filets, belly pans, scoops, etc. are made from ABS and styrene for durability. Fiberglass cowls by Aeroglass are included with each kit.

The following kits contain full, laser-cut cockpits:
TBM Avenger
All Messerschmitts
All Focke Wulfs
Aichi Val
Sturmovik IL-2

(sorry, but cockpits are not available individually because they are integrated in the structure of the airframe)

We print each set of plans directly from the CAD program to a color inkjet plotter. This guarantees that the plans match each laser cut part exactly. The different colors help to define areas in the plans such as servos, control rods, etc.

A digital photo illustrated instruction manual for each kit is available for download. The manual details each step of the construction process including a separate section for retracts and optional fixed gear. Manuals also contain 3 view drawings and printable markings.

Note: A B&W printed manual is available for an extra charge, but will not contain 3 views or markings.

Each kit will require the following items for completion:

Hardware (clevises, pushrods, fuel tank, hinges, etc.)
Finishing materials (covering, fiberglass, paint, etc.)
Building tools

Note: We no longer include vinyl decals with our kits - no matter what the instructions say! If you need custom decals, you can call us for price and availability or use one of the many custom decal makers.

We have also made a change regarding fixed gear. We no longer include fixed gear in the standard kit. The kit prices has been lowered accordingly and fixed gear is available for those who don't plan to use retracts. (This change doesn't affect the Stuka, Val, ME109Z, Avenger, or Sturmovik)

Technical Support is currently available via email only, but will be answered promptly!