Benol 2-Stroke Oil w/Castor Pint

Article number: 009491
Quantity: 1

This is a Pint of BC-175 Pre-Mix Two-Stroke Castor Oil Additive from Klotz.

FEATURES: For Use With 2-Stroke Glow or Gas and 4-Stroke Engines
Blends With Methanol Alcohol, Nitromethane, or Gasoline
Biodegradable Formula
Ultimate In Lubrication Protection and Performance
BeNOL Fortified Film Strength and Anti-Scuff Protection
Extreme Load-Carrying Capacity To Eliminate Engine Wear
Clean-Burn Technology Reduces Carbon and Residue Build-Up
De-Gummed Formula Reduces Ring Sticking
Klotz Red Color For Easy Mixing and Castor Racy Odor
Contains Seal Conditioners and Preservatives
See-Through Side With Graduated Measurements In Standard and Metric
Mixing Chart On Back Of Bottle
(API) SA Intended For Racing Engines Only

INCLUDES: One Pint Bottle of Castor Oil (16 ounces, .473 liter) w/Instructions/
Mixing Ratio Chart Is On The Bottle.
REQUIRES: Mixing With The Appropriate Ratio Of Oil With Fuel

COMMENTS: Do Not Use In Oil Injection Systems
Do Not Use Below 35°F
This Will Not Blend With Petroleum-Based Oil
Do Not Use As A Storage Lubricant

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