Cobra Bearing Kit for 22mm Motors

Article number: 010869
Quantity: 2

The bearings used in Cobra Motors are designed to run smoothly for a long time, but occasionally, in a crash, you can damage them. For those occasions, we offer replacement bearings for all of the Cobra Motors.

This kit contains a pair of original equipment replacement bearings for the Cobra C-2208, C-2213 and C-2217 Series Airplane motors, as well as the CM-2213 and CM-2217 Multirotor motors. The inner bearing measures 0.125" ID x 0.313" OD x 0.141mm thick, or 1/8" x 5/16" x 9/64", and the outer bearing measures 0.125" ID x 0.375" OD x 0.156" thick, or 1/8" x 3/8" x 5/32". These bearings are exact replacements for the bearings that come in the Cobra motors.

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