Cobra Bearing Kit for 28mm & 35mm Motors

Article number: 010871
Quantity: 2

The bearings used in Cobra Motors are designed to run smoothly for a long time, but occasionally, in a crash, you can damage them. For those occasions, we offer replacement bearings for all of the Cobra Motors.

This kit contains a pair of original equipment replacement bearings for the Cobra C-2808, 2814, 2820 and 3510 Series motors. The inner bearing measures 5mm ID x 11mm OD x 5mm thick, and the outer bearing measures 5mm ID x 16mm OD x 5mm thick. These Bearings are exact replacements for the bearings that come in the Cobra 2814 motors.

Please note: The bearings in a brushless motor are a slight press fit into the motor housing, so they need to be removed and installed with the proper tools. When removing the old bearings, you will need to push them out with an arbor press. Care must me taken to ensure that you do not damage the motor windings when pressing out the old bearings.

When putting the new bearings back into your motor, you must only push on the outer race of the bearing. Never apply pressure to the inner race of a bearing! This can create small dents in the bearing balls or ball races, making the bearing run rough and lead to premature failure.

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