Cobra C-41mm Bolt-On Prop Adapter (3-Hole)

Article number: 010901
Quantity: 4

The bolt-on style prop adapters that come with the Cobra motors are machined from very durable 7075 grade aluminum stock, so they will last quite a long time. However, every so often on a "Not so Perfect" landing you may bend one. For those cases we offer these replacement prop adapters.

The Cobra 41mm Bolt-On Prop Adapter is designed to fit all of the Original Series Cobra 4120 and 4130 size motors that had 3 cooling holes on the front end. This is the same model that came packaged with a new motor. Included with each prop adapter is a prop washer and nut, along with 3 new screws to mount the prop adapter to your motor.

The prop adapter has a metric M8x1.0mm thread, and has a threaded shaft which is 29mm in length. With the included prop washer and nut, this prop adapter will fit props with hub thicknesses ranging from 8.5mm to 20mm or from 3/8 inch to 13/16 inch.

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