Cobra Main Shaft for C-2826 Motors 5mm

Article number: 010882
Quantity: 2

The Cobra 2826 Series motors are built with 5mm steel shafts that will last through countless hours of flying fun, but occasionally, on a "Less than Perfect" landing, you may bend or break one. For these occasions, we offer factory replacement shafts for all the Cobra Motors.

The shaft kit for the Cobra 2826 series airplane motors includes a new shaft, which measures 4.98mm in diameter and is 66.0mm long, along with a new C-Clip to hold the motor together. The ring groove for the C-Clip is cut 16.1mm from the back end of the shaft. The shaft kit will also fit other brushless motors that require a 5mm shaft of this length. The shafts can be cut shorter with a Dremel tool and a cut-off wheel if necessary to fit other motors.

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