DB Spinner 2-blade Parabolic Aluminum 4"

Article number: 000916
Quantity: 1
This is a Vortech 4" Aluminum Parabolic Two-Blade Spinner from Dave Brown    
FEATURES: Light-Weight Aluminum Construction                                   
          Polished, Brushed Aluminum Color                                     
          Includes Four Plastic Backplate Bushings, So The Backplate Will Fit  
            Securely Around Any Ordinary Crankshaft                            
          Designed for Two-Bladed Props                                        
INCLUDES: One Two-Blade Aluminum Spinner (For Sizes See SPECS)                 
          One Aluminum Backplate                                               
          One 10-32 x 2" Cap Head Mounting Bolt                                
          Four Plastic Backplate Adapter Bushings                              
          One Instruction/Information Header Card                              
REQUIRES: Vortech Adapter Nut (See COMMENTS)                                   
          4mm or 5/32 Allen Wrench (For The Cap Screw)                         
SPECS:    Spinner Backplate Diameter:                         4" (102mm)       
          Spinner Backplate Thickness:                     3/16"   (4mm)       
          Spinner Backplate Hole Diameter:                  3/8" (9.5mm)       
          Length From Back Of Backplate To Front Of Cone:     4" (102mm)       
          Weight: 5.9oz                     
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