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Dubro Fueling Valve Large Glow

Article number: 000191
Quantity: 2

Du-Bro has taken innovation to its finest and produced a large scale fueling valve featuring a press on dust cover to keep dirt and oil from getting into the valve. Designed to work with 1/8" ID and 5/32" ID tubing. The DU-BRO Large Scale Fueling Valve allows a higher volume of fuel to enter the carburetor and fill your fuel tank faster. Comes complete with fueling probe.

(Silver model is for GLO FUEL ONLY).

Just in case you misplace yours, we offer a replacement fueling probe. This probe is specifically for Du-Bro Large Scale Fueling Valve #610 & #611. 1/pkg.

Recommended fuel tubing size is DU-BRO Large (1/8" ID) or X-Large (5/32" ID) Silicone (Glo)