Hyperion 0720i Charger 150w AC/DC

Article number: 003133
Quantity: 2

EOS 0720i NET3 AD (ac/dc input)
10.5V~29V DC  (20A, 150W max charge)
100V~240V AC (20A, 90W max charge)

SYNC Charge up to 2x7S for max 14S Flightpacks at 300W max. See explanation of SYNC MODE charging below.

* 12-Bit Balance Circuit Resolution for superb accuracy
* Built-In USB DataPort and supplied USB cable
* Hardware support for EOS Control & Data Suite PC Software
* 20 Memory slots for batteries
* CYCLE mode for LiFePO4 and LiPo
* Convenient DC Cord Storage on charger bottom (see pics left)
* HP/PQ and JST XH balance adapters included (+JST EH for EU)

The NET3-AD is one powerful AC/DC charger.  With AC input, it can charge a 5000mAh 2S car pack at more than 2C (~11.5A) and on DC nearly 4C (~19A).  Or on AC a 3S 2100mAh pack at can hit almost 4C, and on DC input up to 6C!

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