Seagull Models CEA-309 Mehari ARF

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Seagull Models CEA-309 Mehari


Wingspan: 66.9in (170cm)
Wing Area: (49.3sq dm)
Average Weight: 10.6lbs (4.8kg)
Length: 58.7in (149.0cm)
Gasoline Engine: 15cc - 20cc
Glow Engine: .75 - 1.20
Radio System: 4 channels with 6  servos
Flying Skill: Intermediate/Advanced


  • Electric conversion ready with removable battery hatch.
  • High quality balsa and balsa plywood construction.
  • Eye catching scale color scheme.
  • Covered in genuine Oracover film.
  • Durable but lightweight fiberglass cowl and wheel pants.
  • Large removable hatch makes for easy access to power system and battery.
  • All necessary hardware included.
  • Fantastic looks and awesome performance.
  • Painted Aluminum landing gear.

Required to complete:

(5) Standard servos (2-ailerons, 2-elevators, 1-rudder) for sport flying
For 3D flying, use high torque, high speed servos with at least 90 oz. of torque
(1) Standard servo - throttle (if required)
(2) 6" Extensions (Ailerons) 
(2) 4" Extensions (Ailerons to receiver)
(2) 6" Extensions or (1) Y-harness (receiver aileron connection)

CEA-309 Instruction Manual

Box size: 48" x 13" x 15"

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