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Seagull Models Extra 330LX 50cc ARF

Seagull Models Extra 330LX 


Wingspan: 82.0 in (208.2 cm)
Wing area: 1349.4 sq.in (87.1 sq.dm)
Average Weight: 16.3 - 16.8 lbs (7.4 - 7.6 kg)
Length: 77.7 in (197.3 cm)
Gasoline Engine: 50cc
Radio System: 6 channels with 6 servos.
Flying skill level: intermediate/advanced.


  • High quality balsa and balsa plywood for strong and lightweight construction.
  • Accurate scale outline and appearance.
  • Professionally designed for 3D and precision aerobatics.
  • Professionally covered in Oracover.
  • Plug-in wing and stab for easy transportation and assembly.
  • Carbon fiber reinforced landing gear can handle hard landings.
  • Delivers precision and freestyle 3D performance with confidence.
  • Removable wings, stabs and rudder.
  • Heavy duty fiberglass cowl and wheel pants.
  • Designed for gasoline and electric power conversion.
  • All necessary hardware included.

Extra 300LX Instruction Manual

Box size; 64" x 15" x 23"