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Seagull Models JU-87B Stuka ARF Uncovered

For those who want to do their own covering/finishing without first having to strip the airframe, this Stuka is uncovered (plastic/fiberglass parts are in primer only) from the factory. 

The fuselage is fully sheeted and the wings are partially sheeted. 

Seagull Models JU-87B Stuka RTC 90"

Wingspan: 90.0 in (228.6 cm)
Wing area: 1328.7 sq.in (85.7 sq.dm)
Approximate flying weight: 17.6 lbs (8.0 kg)
Wing Loading: 31 oz./sq. ft.
Length: 63.3 in (173.4 cm)

Gasoline Engine Size: 40cc - 50cc
Glow Engine Size: 1.80 - 2.20 4-stroke, 1.60 or larger 2-stroke
Electric Motor: Rimfire 50cc, 10-12S 6000mAh Lipo, 120amp HV ESC
Radio system required: 6 channels min with 7 servos
Flying skill level: Intermediate/advanced.

Required Servos: 

Required Extensions:

1 Piece Removable Wing: 

Removable wing tips (3 piece wing): 


  • High quality balsa and balsa plywood construction.
  • Scale offset flaps and ailerons.
  • Reinforced aluminum landing gear with scale wheel pants.
  • Scale bombs and dive brakes. 
  • Three-piece, plug-in wings simplify transportation and assembly.
  • Removable top-hatch provides access to radio gear and batteries for electric conversion.
  • All necessary hardware (including pilots) included for either gas or electric power systems.

 JU-87B Stuka Instruction Manual



Stuka Shipping box size: 60" x 13" x 22"