YunTong 6.6 V 2100 mAh LiFe Battery RX

With LiFe, you can charge your batteries and have them ready to fly days later!

Quantity: 2

Yuntong LiFe batteries are designed for use in all receivers and offer increased battery life, fast charging (1 hour or less), no memory, low voltage loss when stored, safe chemistry in case of damage and are a cost effective and better alternative to NiMh or Nicad battery packs. 

Charge at 1C (2.1 amps) using the LiFe setting on your Lithium charger. While LiFe batteries are safer to charge than LiPo batteries, never charge your batteries unattended. 


Length: 4"
Width: 1.3"
Height: .6"
Weight: .26 lbs
Connector: EC3 (use adapter for RX plug - available separately) 
Balance Connector: JST 2S

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